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In the latest chapter of One Piece, the revelations about the powers of the Five Elders were breathtaking. Between myths and realities, these mysterious characters finally reveal their extraordinary abilities.

The revelation of the powers of the Five Elders

In One Piece Chapter 1110, an incredible amount of extraordinary abilities were revealed to fans, as expected. This week’s chapter was absolutely huge and gave fans a glimpse into the powers of all the Five Elders . Earlier in this arc, Saint Saturn revealed his incredible Ushi Oni powers, however, now, each member of the Five Elders has revealed their abilities.

Oda announces three-week break

Oda plans to take a three-week break from One Piece. Chapter 1110 saw the Five Elders confront Luffy and, at the same time, attempt to complete their various missions on the island. Of course, one particular individual among the Five Elders, Saint Shepherd Ju Peter , possesses an intriguing sandworm ability, which many fans will surely want to know about.

Saint Shepherd Ju Peter arrives on Egghead Island

Saint Shepherd Ju Peter was summoned to Egghead Island by Saint Saturn. This was done in One Piece chapter 1109, where it became clear to the Five Elders that Vegapunk’s message was virtually unstoppable as is. Vegapunk was going to reveal the truth of the world to everyone on the planet, and to prevent this, the Five Elders decided to take action.

Saturn alone was certainly not strong enough to stop this catastrophe . Accordingly, he relied on the other Deans, who, at the time, were in the Holy Land of Marijoa. Using strange demonic power from the summoning circle, Saturn created four giant portals on Egghead and, as a result, summoned all of the Five Elders to the island. As soon as they emerged, huge wisps of Haki began to appear across the island, signifying that every member of the Five Elders possessed formidable Haki.

The sandworm, a powerful mythological creature

The sandworm is an incredibly powerful beast, according to the media fans are talking about. In most media, a sandworm is said to be a creature similar to a giant earthworm , however, slightly different, in that it is often depicted with gigantic teeth and the ability to swallow individuals whole.

He is also said to be incredibly fast, and he can pursue any enemy, especially in the desert, which he considers his hunting ground . The sandworm often goes underground in the desert and attacks enemies from below. It is generally said to be incredibly agile, and, more importantly, the sandworm has impeccable senses.