one piece gorosei shapes

One Piece: The true forms of the Five Elders of Gorosei have been revealed!

The saga of Egghead Island in One Piece continues to captivate the attention of fans with ever more surprising revelations. The build-up to this arc is absolutely sensational, climaxing in a breathtaking climax.

At the heart of the turmoil, we find Luffy and the powerful Five Elders , engaged in a merciless war. A shocking turn of events took place when Saint Saturn called upon his incredible powers to summon the Five Elders to the island, unveiling the true power of the remaining Gorosei in One Piece 1110.

The brilliance of the Straw Hat Pirates

The Straw Hat Pirates may split up again on Egghead Island. This is exactly what happened in this chapter, and after years of waiting, the Five Elders’ true power and Yokai forms were finally revealed by Oda .

Saint Saturn was the first member of the Five Elders sent to Egghead Island. His presence was absolutely necessary, in particular for his hierarchical superiority over Vegapunk in the command of the Pacifistas, including the Seraphims.

Saturn, being the God of Defense Science, was best placed to travel to this extremely technologically advanced island of the future. From the moment he arrived, it was clear that he was going to take part in combat. Saturn adopted his powerful transformation into the Ushi Oni , and has fought valiantly ever since, even standing up to Luffy impressively.

The forms of Gorosei

From the start of the chapter, the Yokai forms of the Gorosei were revealed. It appears that the Gorosei do not possess Devil Fruit powers, but rather Yokai powers which were likely given to them by Imu. These Yokai forms are extremely intimidating, demonstrating superhuman power.

Then comes Marcus Mars, known for his transformation into a gigantic bird Itsumade , attacking with ferocity. Warcury, in the form of a massive boar Houki, demonstrates unparalleled physical strength, while Ju Peter takes the form of a colossal sandworm capable of engulfing almost anyone.


Finally, V. Nusjuro is revealed to be a giant skeleton stallion, Bakotsu, of formidable power, capable of wielding his giant sword to decimate the Pacifistas in the blink of an eye. Nusjuro is also a great user of Haki, with the power to generate ice , instantly turning anything he touches into ice.

It’s clear that the Five Elders are incredibly overpowered, and future chapters promise to reveal even more about their abilities. Oda will be sure to explore their powers further, much to the delight of fans.