One Piece Theory: Gear 5 is Destroying Luffy’s Sanity, The More He Uses it the Worse it Gets


The One Piece Egghead Island storyline pitted the protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, against the most dangerous and difficult-to-defeat adversaries he has ever faced.
The most formidable tool Luffy has in his arsenal for taking on the Five Elders is his Gear 5 mode.
But there’s an issue with the Gear 5 mode. A theory states that Luffy loses his identity every time he transforms into Gear 5.

One Piece Egghead Island arc has put the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy against the most terrifying and difficult-to-defeat enemies that Luffy has ever encountered. He is currently fighting the Five Elders on the island, to protect his crew and his other friends who he made on Egghead(Vegapunk and Bonney).
Egghead ArcOne Piece – Egghead Arc
For his battle against the Five Elders, the most powerful weapon that Luffy has is his Gear 5 mode, which he uses to not only defeat the former Emperor of the Sea but also beat Admiral Kizaru. Although the full potential of the gear 5 is unknown, it is the only weapon that can save Luffy and help him escape from Egghead Island.

However, there is a problem with the Gear 5 mode. According to a theory, whenever Luffy undergoes the Gear 5 transformation, he loses a sense of himself. This means that the more he uses the Gear 5 form, the more it is destroying his sanity. And though it does not look very serious right now, it can become a big problem in the future.

Luffy’s Personality Change in Gear 5 Mode

Not only does Gear 5 give Luffy amazing cartoonish abilities and render his hair and clothes white, but it also makes him laugh a lot as Joyboy. There were certain heightened behaviors from Luffy’s typical nature when he initially awakened Gear 5. Luffy appeared to be overcome with an unidentified sense of strength and liberation just before he activated Gear 5.

He was swaying and hopping around like a jolly person. Later on, though, as he utilized the Gear 5 mode more frequently, it became evident that, regardless of the circumstance, he always seemed to feel funny and joyful when he switched to it. Gear Fifth is a reflection of Luffy’s silly and carefree personality. He can be amusing and inventive in combat thanks to this power.
Luffy in Gear 5 in One PieceLuffy in Gear 5 in One Piece
However, things started changing for the worse as Luffy irrespective of the situation still laughed and ignored his surroundings. Although he did get angry for a moment when he caught Kizaru and Saturn at the same time, it was short-lived. He went on again to laugh and fight which indicates that Gear 5 might not just be affecting his strength.

Theory Suggests Gear 5 is Turning Luffy Insane

According to a theory posted by OPFanpage, in chapter 1107, when Luffy got to know that Vegapunk was stabbed by Saturn just before he was about to escape, Luffy’s mood ideally should have changed and he should have gotten angry as Vegapunk became one of Luffy’s friend.
Vegapunk gets stabbed in One Piece (1)Vegapunk gets stabbed in One Piece
However, instead of getting angry, Luffy still continued to laugh and jump from one place to another. If the situation had been the same and Luffy would have not been in Gear 5 mode, he surely would have raged out and tried everything to defeat the villains and save his friend who got injured.

According to the theory, Gear 5 mode is not just giving Luffy a strength and power surge but also taking over his personality and turning him into Sun God Nika. It feels like he is losing his sanity and soon he might not remain the Luffy that fans have been watching from the beginning and might change into something else entirely.