Stephen A. Smith wearing blue and black track suit

Stephen A. Smith has addressed the report detailing a bust-up with Pat McAfee on his podcast, having already responded to claims of him banning the former NFL star from ‘First Take’.

According to the New York Post’s Ryan Glasspiegel, Stephen A. and Pat got into a heated argument stemming from creative differences in which the former was called a “mother F- er.”

The report sparked rumors of Stephen A. banning McAfee from ‘First Take’. However, both men have denied that’s the case.

Speaking on the latest episode of ‘The Stephen A. Smith Show’, the ‘First Take’ host reiterated the above, claiming there’s no dispute between the two of them.

“Number one, there is no dispute whatsoever,” he said. “Pat McAfee is my teammate. Pat McAfee and I work together at ESPN. There is no banishment from First Take or any other show. He is more than welcome to come on First Take in the future and I’m gonna be more than welcome to come on his show.”

“I root for my teammates. I root for my colleagues. I don’t root against anybody,” Smith added. “The people out there who do that are idiots. A rising tide raises all boats. If you succeed, I succeed.”

McAfee also spoke to the Post via text, claiming things are good with Smith.

“I have nothing but love for Stephen A,” he said, insisting he is still welcome on ‘First Take’ as far as he knows.