Steve Kerr instantly agrees with LeBron James’ bold statement about Stephen Curry’s influence on NBA

Stephen Curry has changed the game for good.

LeBron James and Stephen Curry are two of the most known faces in the NBA. Both players have made a huge impact on the game, being influential as well as dominant athletes of this generation. Curry has changed the blueprint of the game by shooting from a distance, whereas James has dominated the game for decades.

In the past few years, there have been debates regarding the most influential player in history. While fans have different opinions on the take, the King believes it to be Stephen Curry himself.

In his new podcast, Mind the Game, James admitted that Curry and Allen Iverson have been the most influential pair of athletes.

Steph and Allen Iverson are the two biggest influential guys in our game since I've been watching and covering it.

Said James

While James’ statement caused quite a lot of debate among fans, head coach Steve Kerr seems to be in favor of itHaving played alongside the great Michael Jordan and coached Steph for almost a decade, Kerr has a really good idea of the magnitude of Curry’s impact on the game.

I think that is really, really accurate. And I would agree without really giving it a ton of though. What Steph has done is he’s just made it normal to shoot a million threes and to shoot 32 footers. Nobody else did that.

Said Kerr.

Since 2016, the game has taken a turn when it comes to shooting. Not only in the NBA but all around the world, the scoring pattern has changed drastically. This also had a much greater impact on the younger generation, as positionless basketball has become popular among youth.

Stephen Curry has impacted the game in a major way

When it comes to influence, it generally refers to how much of an impact that player has had. And for Stephen Curry, it’s completely different. His playstyle changed the way the game was played, and he was indeed one of the most influential players in the NBA.

The league average for three-point attempts per game before Curry’s first MVP season was 21.5. Following his two consecutive MVP awards and the dominance of the Warriors dynasty, the league average for three-point attempts ballooned up to 32 in less than five seasons.

James also mentioned Allen Iverson, who was known for his shifty handles. The streetball culture did take shape following Iverson’s rise in the league. Players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James are an inspiration for younger athletes. Having a mindset like any of the three players is said to be an elite-level mentality towards the game.

However, there are only a few guys who change the game and the way it is known for. While LeBron has impacted the game through his dominance and longevity, Curry’s gifted shooting has taken the traditional playstyle out of the equation.