The One Piece: Netflix’s Anime Remake Can Make Eiichiro Oda’s Magnum Opus Even Greater But it Comes at a Great Cost


In late 2023, Netflix announced that they will remaking One Piece, in collaboration with WIT Studios and name the remake, The One Piece.
The fans were pretty excited with the news, especially after WIT Studios posted that they were going to use cutting-edge technology and improved animation.
The remake is done to attract the new generation audience which feels One Piece is too long, but there is a massive challenge which could potentially be the deal breaker.

One Piece has over 1000 episodes and is one of the longest-running anime ever. It has been airing for more than 25 years. It has garnered millions of fans worldwide, with the numbers increasing every day. Eiichiro Oda’s magnum opus is considered to be one of the Big Three of anime, alongside Naruto and Bleach.

Currently, the fans are experiencing one of the best moments with Monkey D. Luffy having to face all the Five Elders. But there is another piece of news that has got the fans excited. A few months back, Netflix announced they would be remaking the One Piece. It will be named The One Piece, and even though the remake will be done to attract a new audience, there is one problem that could cost them heavily.

The One Piece Will Be Shortened

the one piece posterThe One Piece
Netflix, in collaboration with WIT Studios, will be remaking One Piece to attract the new generation audience. It will be named The One Piece. One has over 1000 episodes, and one of its challenges is that the modern generation fans feel it is too long for an anime. After anime became mainstream, most of them approached the seasonal format. Moreover, the animation of the initial episodes is nothing in comparison to the high-definition animation of the present.



So, to solve all these problems, The One Piece is being made. Fans do not have to spend hours to become up to date. It will avoid filler episodes and change the pacing of the anime, making it shorter. Moreover, it is speculated the remake will be a seasonal anime instead of arc-based like the original one. It has been confirmed The One Piece will adapt the East Blue Saga, from Luffy setting out to sea to a bit more than the Arlong Park arc.
One Piece
It is a good step towards making One Piece reach more audiences, but shortening it has one disadvantage. Shortening it will reduce the proper essence of the anime, which the original fans have enjoyed. The fun moments and fillers make it an even better anime. Even though the watchers may increase, their opinion might not change since they would not form an attachment with the shortened version.

The more the details, the more the fun. One Piece is a special anime. One of the key features for it being so special is its length. Trimming it down means trimming down its specialty. Commitment becomes a great issue due to its 1000+ episodes.

The One Piece Will Be A Visual Treat

One PieceOne Piece – old animation
Toei Animation is in charge of One Piece’s animation and has worked with some of the biggest names in the anime and manga industry. But The One Piece’s animation will be handled by WIT Studios. WIT Studios’ portfolio has fan-favorite anime like Spy x Family. One of the key reasons for the remake is to improve the visuals. The new generation might find it hard to relate to the early 2000s animation.

WIT Studios has mentioned the remake will have cutting-edge technology and have improved animation. The animation will emit nostalgic and modern vibes. Fans can enjoy their favorite moments like Caption Kuroo vs Luffy, Arlong Park Walk, Zoro vs. Mihawk, etc., in high-definition animation. There is also a chance the remake might take a different approach from the manga since it will be trimmed down.
Monkey D. Luffy in One PieceOne Piece – new animation
Nonetheless, fans are excited with the news. It is the first time an anime will be getting a remake while it is still going on. But time will tell whether The One Piece will be successful, or the trimming might become the reason for its doom.