One Piece: Saint Topman Warcury’s Special Transformation Explained!

top man warcury one piece– One Piece: Saint Topman Warcury’s special transformation explained!

One Piece Chapter 1110 proved to be one of the most exciting additions to the story, finally revealing the power of the Five Elders to fans. After decades of anticipation, the strength and mysterious transformations of these powerful individuals are revealed , promising breathtaking clashes and unexpected revelations. Dive into the details of these revelations and find out what it means for the future of our favorite pirates.

The power of the Five Deans finally revealed

One Piece Chapter 1110 finally revealed the full power of the Five Elders , answering a question fans had been asking since their first appearance, long before the timeskip. These monstrously powerful individuals showed off what they had in store, including their astonishing transformations. Among them, the arrival of Saint Topman Warcury at Egghead Island particularly stands out.

Arrival of Saint Topman Warcury on Egghead Island

Summoned by Saint Saturn, Saint Topman Warcury reaches Egghead Island, accompanied by the rest of the Five Elders, via imposing summoning circles. This maneuver was decided following Vegapunk’s announcement , which threatened to reveal the truth about the World Government. Faced with this threat, the use of summoning power was deemed necessary by Saturn, who could not stop Vegapunk alone.

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The transformations of the Five Deans

It is revealed that each member of the Five Elders possesses the power of a legendary creature from mythology, in the form of a yokai. Surprisingly, it was not stated that they hold Devil Fruits , suggesting that they might be yokai in their true demonic forms. Saint Topman Warcury, in particular, demonstrated the power of a giant Boar, called Fengxi, an impressive creature from Chinese mythology.

Warcury’s Fengxi Transformation

Saint Topman Warcury’s transformation into Fengxi highlights his position as one of the strongest individuals in One Piece. With incredible strength and exceptional resilience, Fengxi is known to have the strongest defense as well as the greatest physical strength among the Five Elders . Additionally, he is likely to have an incredible regeneration rate, making Warcury extremely difficult to defeat in combat.

Fengxi’s unique abilities

Much like the other members of the Five Elders, Fengxi likely possesses a unique ability. While Saint Saturn can cover himself in venom and deal invisible damage, and Nusjuro can summon the cold air of the underworld to freeze his enemies, it is very likely that the Fengxi has an ability related to rain , being revered as the god of rain in some legends.

The power of the Haki of the Five Elders

Each member of the Five Elders has been confirmed to possess extremely powerful Haki. This revelation was made when Zoro and Lucci mentioned feeling a very powerful Haki presence on Egghead Island. Saint Topman Warcury, with his awakened yokai transformation, is undoubtedly one of the most