LeBron James Caught Being Flirtatious With Popular 22-Year-Old South African Singer Tyla

LeBron James might be back in the doghouse once again after his seemingly flirtatious actions were caught on camera in the middle of a recent Los Angeles Lakers game.

South African singer Tyla, who is a global sensation following her worldwide hit “Water,” was seen chatting to NBA star LeBron James during a Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors basketball game.

The Grammy award-winner was shown enjoying a courtside moment with LeBron James, with the pair talking and laughing together. She is just 22 years old. By the time LeBron started playing in the league, she was only 18 months at the time. That is how insane his longevity has been.


During their quick chat, LeBron James reached out for a quick fist bump as Tyla and her friend seated next to her began talking and laughing.


LeBron James played like a man possessed in that game as he became the third-oldest player in league history to score 40 points, according to CBS. James had to put the team on his back in a crucial Western Conference matchup after Anthony Davis left with an injury.

He finished with a season-high-tying 40 points on 15-of-23 shooting from the field and added eight rebounds and nine assists.

LeBron James Got Way Too Physical With Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss

LeBron James might be a billionaire with multiple NBA rings and an incredible amount of fame, but he seemingly found himself in the dog house earlier this month after getting affectionate with Lakers owner Jeanie Buss.

James was enjoying the company of Buss and Linda Rambis as his team took on the Milwaukee Bucks. A video showed the two women getting very comfortable with him, with Rambis laughing as she touched his biceps before Buss later put her head onto his shoulder.