WATCH: LeBron James’ son Bronny and streamer IShowSpeed have hilarious ‘bark-off’

LeBron James‘ son, Bronny James, the USC Trojan, has a huge following on social media. James Jr. is well-known among famous streamers, including IShowSpeedAdin Ross, and other internet celebrities.

Bronny was a streamer himself, as during the pandemic, 15-year-old James Jr. signed with the FaZe clan. Today, streamers like Speed have had Bronny on their live stream quite often.

Apart from his dominance during his high school days, Bronny gathered quite a lot of attention through eSports as well. Recently, James Jr. and Speed had a fun time, as the two decided to have a bark-off. Speed is known for the hilarious barks that he does in his streams and whenever he is surprised. Some of his viral moments include him barking loudly on stream for some random reason.

The streamer has over 50 million followers on various online platforms. Having the Trojan in his recent quick video was another fun moment between Speed and Bronny. James Jr.

On the other hand, was in talks lately among critics, as the 19-year-old wasn’t declared for the 2024 NBA Draft. Nevertheless, Bronny continues to have fun with his friends and famous online streamers.

LeBron James always had a fun vibe around Bronny

As serious as he seems on the court, LeBron James is always like a playful friend around his kids. From creating Taco Tuesday to random Instagram lives with Bronny and Bryce James, LeBron never seems to miss a chance to spend time with his children.
Bronny James knows to bait opponents into fouling like father LeBron JamesBronny James knows to bait opponents into fouling like father LeBron James (image via 247Sports/X)
James’ happiness when Bronny committed to USC and became the first in the family to attend college was a pure moment of joy.

Though Bronny James won’t be playing in the NBA this year, the Trojan will look to improve and prove everyone wrong. King James did confirm that the season he plays alongside his son will be his last. However, it all depends on how James Jr. performs next college basketball season.

Bronny definitely has all that it takes to become an NBA player, though the youngster has to show his true potential to play in the NBA.

It will be interesting to see James Jr. play in his sophomore year, hopefully playing more minutes than he does now. The father-son duo will be a feat to be witnessed in the future and also a historic moment in sports history.