Shanks is always protective of Monkey D, Luffy.


Red-Haired Shanks meeting the Gorosei during One Piece chapter 907 has the fans confused as to why he went there.
New fan theory claims to have discovered that Shanks had a meeting with the Gorosei to talk about Blackbeard who is steadily rising the ranks and has two powerful Devil Fruits.
Apart from that, he has some special qualities like having a special bloodline, descendant of Rocks D. Xebec and dreams of conquering the world.

The Gorosei have reached the Egghead Island and are trying to stop Dr. Vegapunk’s video to go live. Monkey D. Luffy, along with Dorry and Broggy, are fighting them. All of them have unleashed their true Devil Fruit form, and the fans were shocked to see their monstrous strengths. Currently, the Gorosei are trying to lay down everyone and everything on the Egghead Island.

Even though they are taking such drastic steps to keep the world order intact, the fans have become more curious about a certain past incident. During the Reverie arc, Red-Haired Shanks was seen to have a secret meeting with the Five Elders at Mariejois and mentioned talking about a certain pirate. Shanks has always been protective of Monkey D. Luffy. So, it raised several questions after the Elders came for Luffy’s head.

Shanks Might Be Wary About Blackbeard

Shanks in One PieceRed-Haired Shanks
In One Piece chapter 907 and episode 887, the Five Elders had a secret visitor. Later, it was revealed to be the captain of the Red-Haired Pirates, Shanks. After entering, the Elders told him that they hosted the meeting only because it was Shanks. The scene ended with Shanks mentioned talking about a certain pirate. Most fans think it is Monkey D. Luffy, but everything points towards Marshall D. Teach.

Shanks is wary of Marshall D. Teach. He is one of the Yonko and possesses two of the strongest Devil Fruits in the world. He has amassed a massive fleet, and his headquarters is located at Hachinosu. Shanks might have warned the Gorosei of Blackbeard’s special bloodline and how he never sleeps. It is something like the Buccaneer bloodline.
blackbeardBlackbeard – Marshall D. Teech
Marshall D. Teach might be Rocks D. Xebec’s descendant. His ship is named Sword of Xebec and bears the “D” in his name. Teach is special and is the only one to inflict any damage to Shanks. When the latter went to meet Whitebeard, he mentioned Portgas D. Ace not to go after him. Like Rocks D. Xebec, Blackbeard’s dream is to conquer the entire world. It was revealed in One Piece chapter 1107 by Catarina Devon and Van Augur

So, it might be that he might have warned the Gorosei of his nature and true motives since he is the only one who truly knows what kind of a monster Blackbeard truly is. Everything points at him being the highlight of the conversation between Shanks and the Five Elders.

The Gorosei Do Not Take Action Until It is Absolutely Necessary

shanks meeting the goroseiShanks meeting the Gorosei
The Gorosei report directly to Imu-sama and do not take any action until it is necessary. The only reason why they were summoned to Egghead Island is because Dr. Vegapunk was going to reveal all the secrets of the world to the common people. Unfortunately, the Straw Hat Pirates were present on the island, and a fight broke out between them.

Shanks never pushed Luffy towards danger. He was always protective of him and saved him twice from being dead. So, it is less likely that he revealed information about Luffy to the Five Elders. On the other hand, the Red-Haired Pirates’ captain had warned them of Blackbeard. In one of the recent chapters, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn met two of the commanders of the Blackbeard Pirates while they were on a mission on Egghead Island.
Five Elders
At that point, Saturn already knew about Blackbeard’s bloodline and decided to focus on his mission. It shows that it may have been Shanks who gave him that information. Moreover, there is a theory that says Shanks is a celestial dragon and belongs to the Figarland family due to the uncanny similarities and that is why he was entertained by the Gorosei.

So, the Gorosei attacking the Straw Hat Pirates has nothing to do with Shanks backstabbing them. But it is still a theory. Until Eiichiro Oda decides to reveal the secrets, there is no way of confirming the topic of discussion during One Piece chapter 907.