Kyle Richards Implies She and Dorit Kemsley Were Never Close Off Camera in Shocking ‘RHOBH’ Reunion

Kyle Richards drops a bombshell at the ‘RHOBH’ reunion, suggesting that her friendship with Dorit Kemsley was never as tight as it seemed. As the tension unfolds, Kyle reveals that they hadn’t spoken for months off-camera, sparking a heated exchange.

The drama ignited during the season finale when it was revealed that Kyle and Dorit had been on a communication hiatus. Fast forward to the reunion, where Dorit accuses Kyle of sending a manipulative text, urging her to avoid discussing their issues on camera.

Things escalate further when Dorit expresses hurt over headlines insinuating that Kyle downplayed their friendship. Kyle’s subsequent clarification only adds fuel to the fire, revealing that their bond wasn’t as deep as portrayed.

During the reunion, Kyle confronts Dorit, questioning their friendship’s authenticity, citing limited off-camera interactions. Despite attempts to reconcile, unresolved issues resurface, hinting at deeper underlying tensions.

Host Andy Cohen speculates that their rift dates back to a previous reunion, where Dorit sided with Kathy Hilton over Kyle. The confrontation intensifies, with accusations flying from both sides.

As the reunion progresses, it becomes evident that closure remains elusive for Kyle and Dorit. Co-star Annemarie Wiley hints at lingering unresolved issues, suggesting that their friendship faces an uncertain future.