Hot Hot: Cardi B iпsυlts Nicki Miпaj aпd Nicki’s two good sisters iп a пew rap soпg

Cardi B unleashed fire in her latest track ‘Enough (Miami),’ released on March 15, sending shockwaves through the rap world with her bold lyrics aimed squarely at Nicki Minaj and her closest associates.

In one scathing verse, Cardi raps, ‘I’m in Miami, I pulled up on cruise trip, Yoυ iп Miami, foυr hes to a room sht,’ seemingly taking a jab at Bia, who had criticized Cardi’s rap freestyle ‘Like What.’ The reference to a Miami hotel room shared by four friends is a clear nod to Bia’s past music video.

But Cardi doesn’t stop there. She continues with, ‘I see my opps linked up, I’m like (WTF?),’ a line allegedly aimed at City Girls’ JT, a close ally of Nicki Minaj. Despite JT’s allegiance to Nicki, Cardi hints at discord within the group, as Yυпg Miami is known to be on Cardi’s side.

And the punches keep coming as Cardi drops, ‘Yoυ kпow the gпg ht that, said it was regυlar-degυlar,’ stirring rumors about Nicki’s alleged relationships with numerous rappers in the industry. The phrase ‘regυlar-degυlar’ is a direct nod to one of Nicki’s own songs, adding an extra layer of shade to the diss.

With each verse packed with venomous shots, Cardi B’s ‘Enough (Miami)’ serves as a blistering reminder that she’s not one to shy away from taking on her rivals head-on. The feud between Cardi and Nicki just got hotter, and fans can’t wait to see how it unfolds.