Michael Jordan once showcased a glimpse of the extremity of his competitive mindset in 1999. Despite taking retirement a year before that, the 6x champion played one-on-one against Corey Benjamin. A clip containing the contest recently resurfaced online as the NBA fans reacted to MJ cooking the then-Chicago Bulls rookie.

As per Sports Illustrated, Benjamin planted the seed for the competition after failing to control his frustration over limited game time. Following an underwhelming start to the 1998/99 campaign, he demanded the team trust his ability, claiming to defeat even Jordan one-on-one. The words reached the ears of the Black Jesus as he appeared in the Bulls’ practice facility in 1999 to embrace the challenge.

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MJ dominated the then-rookie while displaying a plethora of his basketball moves. From reverse layups to mid-range shots, from baseline jumpers to three-pointers, the 5x MVP refused to hold back while defending his dignity. In the process, he even trash-talked to agitate Benjamin, stating, “You reach, I teach,” while continuously reminding him of the scoreline.

The one-sided dominance from nearly two and a half decades ago recently gained traction online. An NBA fan account named The Realest Realist recently uploaded the entire contest on X (formerly Twitter). With the caption,

“Michael Jordan really flew out to a practice while retired just to cook this rookie for talking trash about him,” it captured the prowess of Jordan.

Expectedly, the display led to the amusement of the NBA fans as they celebrated the brilliance of the then-36-year-old MJ. One fan commented, “Obviously you don’t know Michael. There’s a reason he’s the GOAT”.

Another supporter highlighted the mental fortitude of Jordan, stating, “Only Kobe [Bryant] has come close to this level of game and mentality. Nobody else is close”.

Another viewer further elaborated on the stance, declaring, “I don’t think people understand just how competitive Jordan is and it gets lost when people compare him to Lebron….The only modern-day athlete that is close is Brady. Not most talented but killer will”.

Subsequently, one NBA fan applauded the greatness of the New York-born, mentioning, “GREAT MJ. Giving that boy the business he had know chance against the goat man that’s the goat you know you can’t do nothing with him so stick a fork in you man you’ve done you just got cooked”.

The elite mentality of Michael Jordan as a competitor is something everyone is aware of. During his playing days, this mindset terrorized his opponents while establishing his status as the face of the league. Even after walking away from the game, this approach never left MJ further highlighting the requirements to become a champion.

As for Benjamin, this came across as a major life lesson as the 1998 draft pick accepted his fate. Yet, he failed to implement the learnings later on as his NBA career lasted for a short time. Unfortunately, the reality check he received from the humiliation failed to come to his aid.