When Stephen A. Smith needs to get a point across, he is going to do so by yelling as we all have been accustomed to him doing over the years.

Stephen A. Smith was not in the mood to talk about the New York Giants on Tuesday’s edition of First Take and he made sure Molly Qerim knew about it.

First Take Host Molly Qerim Called Out For Being 'Cheap'

Mel Kiper Jr., the ESPN NFL Draft guru and Senior NFL Draft Analyst, was on First Take on Tuesday to promote his latest mock draft. However, once he got on the show, his presence would produce a bit of beef between Stephen A. Smith and Molly Qerim.

With more teams badly needing starting-caliber quarterbacks, major moves are expected before and during the draft.

One of those teams could be the New York Giants, who have Daniel Jones coming off an ACL injury.
Molly Qerim Shut Down The Internet Rocking A Bathrobe In Bed
Molly Qerim tried to ask about what the Giants could potentially do, but Stephen A. Smith was not having it.


The Giants are her favorite team but Stephen A. Smith did not care.

“We don’t care about the Giants. We don’t care! They’re not going anywhere this year, Molly. They’re not!” Smith said.

“That is the third time you have asked about the Giants, no one cares but you!” Smith exclaimed, “I was at a restaurant last night, folks rolled up there celebrating that Saquon’s in Phi-la-del-phi-a. Nobody cares about the Giants right now.”

Kiper and Shannon Sharpe laughed as Stephen A. Smith mocked Qerim and the New York Giants. She did not stay quiet as she took a jab about Smith’s beloved Knicks and their injury crisis.

Stephen A. Smith And Molly Qerim Once Sparked Dating Rumors

Stephen A. Smith and Molly Qerim have been co-hosts for years and there was once a time when fans thought they may be dating.

Stephen A. Smith and Qerim have worked together since 2015 when Qerim took up the moderator position from Cari Champion. She began dating Jalen Rose. Both got married in 2018, but the relationship did not last long. In 2021, the NBA analyst filed for divorce.

Rumors then swirled that Stephen A. Smith played a part in Qerim and Rose’s separation and soon speculation surfaced that the two of them were dating.

Rose has been let go from ESPN and although the rumors continued, nothing has ever been proven.