Katherine Taylor, the viral NBA fan spotted in the Warriors vs Bucks has been making a lot of headlines recently. Internet detectives recently revealed her identity and it came as a big surprise. Fans got to know that the viral fan’s name is Katherine Taylor and she offers company in exchange for money.

Most recently, it has been revealed that Taylor’s website crashed after she went viral. She claims that her newly found fame has flooded her with a lot of inquiries, which crashed her website.

Katherine Taylor on the left and Steph Curry golf celebration on right.
Viral NBA Fan’s luxury girlfriend inquiries pile up, costing $1.5k per hour

Kathrine Taylor the viral NBA fan caught the attention of millions of netizens online after going viral in the Bucks vs Warriors match. She went viral because of her unique clothing choice on the day of the match. She was featured in a photo cheering Stephen Curry when the Warriors star was celebrating one of his shots with his iconic golf celebration.

Katherine Taylor runs a business where she offers her company and goes on dates with people in exchange for money. A recent report by TMZ revealed that Katherine’s website crashed after she went viral. She reportedly admitted that the inquiries have been piling up since she became famous and she has also increased her rates. She is originally a Sacramento Kings fan and prior to her newfound fame, she charged her clients $900/hour. But now she has bumped up her rates to $1,500 per houKatherine claimed multiple athletes slid in her DMs

Katherine Taylor claimed that she had been approached by many professional athletes after she went viral. The news was revealed by TMZ and she has refrained from naming any of the athletes from any sports.

She is truly grateful for how this one incident has changed her life. However, she has also shown her quick-wittedness. She took advantage of the situation and made the best of it to make more money. It would be interesting to see if she ends up being forgotten like the usual internet trends or makes it big by dating a professional athlete in the future.

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