As absurd as it sounds, as noticed in a new social media trend, users have been trolling Michael Jordan and his era of basketball. Users on TikTok and X (formerly “Twitter”) dug up certain clips from the Chicago Bulls legend’s playing days, where he struggled to handle the ball with his left hand. Along with Jordan’s apparent lack of a left hand, users are also criticizing the 1980s and 1990s era for not being nearly competitive enough. Amid the trend, Jamal Murray took to X and posted a hilarious GIF.

With NBA Fans Berating Michael Jordan For 'Having No Left', Jamal Murray Throws His Hat In The Ring

Multiple users have been flooding social media with Michael Jordan lowlights. As seen in clips posted by users ‘mymixtapez’ and ‘HomemadeLeba’, Jordan seemed to struggle with his left hand. Additionally, many users have also shared clips of other legends unable to perform plays that are considered elementary by the average NBA player today. The phrase “We done with the 90s” has been trending because MJ’s competitors apparently allowed him to dominate the era despite “having no left” due to their apparent lack of competence.

With the social media trend getting quite a bit of traction, Jamal Murray decided to join in and throw his hat in the ring. The Denver Nuggets point guard took to X and posted a GIF of Michael Jordan.

The fact that Murray picked a GIF where MJ seemed to be annoyed, it seems as though the 2023 NBA champ is siding with his idol in this social media beef.

Jamal Murray has often displayed his admiration for ‘His Airness’. Apart from constantly naming Michael Jordan to his all-time starting five lists, Murray has also credited Jordan for being an inspiration during his championship run.

“You know, when you’re watching the regular season and you used to watch guys like Jordan, one thing my dad said about Jordan was like, even if they’re down in the game, you still watch the whole game because there’s always a chance that Mike’s going to bring it back to the end,” Murray said on the All The Smoke podcast.

Like many other superstars in the league, Murray has grown up idolizing Michael Jordan. Hence, the disrespect that the GOAT has been receiving, doesn’t sit well with the Canadian. Admittedly, given how much Jordan has inspired him throughout his life before, and ever after he was drafted into the NBA, it is very hard to blame him.