Mia Regan reveals her cooking preferences and the dishes she chooses are made from Vietnamese specialty ingredients. She cooks for her boyfriend, Romeo Beckham – Beckham’s son.

Daily Mail reported that Romeo Beckham has left his family’s £31 million ($39 million) street-front house in London. He moved to live with his girlfriend Mia Regan in a new apartment.

Although the Beckhams’ house has 6 bedrooms, Romeo and Mia wanted to have their own space so they decided to live separately.

Daily Mail speculates that the Beckham family’s new home is in the Battersea area, an inner-city district in South London;

The house is located on the south side of the Thames River, because according to images shared by Mia on Instagram, the Battersea Power Station coal-fired power plant can be seen from the apartment window – one of the iconic buildings in the city. London city.

In addition to the living space revealed by Mia, she also shared pictures of the kitchen area. The female model born in 2002 posted a photo of the ingredients for dinner on Instagram, with the caption: “I love cooking.”

What’s more special is that the dish she prepared is of Vietnamese origin. Netizens can see a package of dried vermicelli with the words “Hanoi specialties” in Mia’s photo.

Dried vermicelli is an ingredient that is easy to find in grocery stores and supermarkets in Vietnam. It can be processed into many different dishes.