After tying the knot with wife Nicola Peltz in April, Brooklyn Beckham previously had his wedding vows tattooed on his arm

Brooklyn Beckham Gets 'Married' Tattoo for wife Nicola Peltz: 'Surprised My Baby'


Brooklyn Beckham has updated his relationship status in the most permanent way possible.

The newlywed model, 23, showed off a brand new “Married” tattoo on the side of his left hand Thursday on his Instagram Story, after he tied the knot with wife Nicola Peltz in Palm Beach, Fla. back in April.

“Surprised my baby,” Beckham wrote with the photo, tagging Peltz, 27, as well as celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo.

 Brooklyn Beckham Pays Sweet Tribute to Wife Nicola Peltz with New Arm Tattoo of His Wedding Vows

The ink is far from Beckham’s first in honor of his bride, having previously tattooed his wedding vows on his arm in May. He also got an ink of her late grandmother Gina’s name last year for Peltz’s birthday, after he appeared to have the Transformers: Age of Extinction actress’ eyes tattooed on the back of his neck in 2020.

Peltz has also committed her husband’s name to her flesh, showing off a “Brooklyn” tattoo on her upper back last April.

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The couple has shown their love through style in other eccentric ways as well, wearing each other’s gold-cast wisdom teeth on necklaces. Peltz opened up about the jewelry choice last year in a video for Vogue‘s Beauty Secrets series.

“If you guys are wondering what this is — this is so weird — but this is Brooklyn’s wisdom tooth,” she said in the clip. “Anita Ko did this for me. She got it plated.

“I just finished filming a movie and Brooklyn’s teeth were really bothering him… He was the set photographer on my film. We were trying to figure out when a good date was [to get his wisdom teeth out]. It was right before his birthday.

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“My mom had my wisdom tooth from like five years ago, which is very bizarre, in her closet. So I did the same for him. He wears mine and I wear his. All of our wisdom stuck in a tooth,” Peltz explained.