Since its release, the Beckham documentary has become a hot topic because it revealed the “deep secrets” of the famous player’s family.

Among them, Victoria was very angry when her husband David almost missed the birth of their son Brooklyn and Cruz twice.

When Victoria was about to give birth to Brooklyn, David Beckham was busy playing in the Champions League quarterfinals against Inter Milan.

This is an extremely important match for David because he will reunite with Diego Simeone – the man who caused him to receive a red card at the 1998 World Cup.

However, her husband’s absence made Victoria tense, so the couple had an argument. phone. Teammate Gary Neville recalled hearing Beckham and his wife arguing:

“The two of them were arguing, I heard Victoria say things like ‘If you weren’t here’, ‘If you missed the moment the baby was born’, ‘ If you don’t come back, I told David to turn off the phone, because if you continue, it will affect the match.”

Luckily, David Beckham just won and was able to be with Victoria at the moment she gave birth to her first child at Portland Hospital, London (March 4, 1999). At that time, the Spice Girls member caused controversy because she chose to have a cesarean section.

Victoria explained that she heard stories about vaginal birth being dangerous, so she chose to have a cesarean section. While Victoria was lying on the operating table under anesthesia, David Beckham even asked his wife to style his hair to maintain a beautiful image until his first child was born.

The Beckham couple continued to conflict when their third son Cruz was about to be born in 2005. After the doctor appointed a date for a cesarean section, Victoria informed her husband when she received news that he had a schedule for an advertising shoot on the same day.

that time. Not only taking pictures alone, David Beckham also accompanied two hot female stars Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé.