Kelly Rowland is TIRED of being in Beyonce’s shadow! She STORMS off the Today show | Normani’s ALBUM | HO

Normani recently announced the upcoming release of her album “Dopamine,” marking her return to the music scene after some time. Fans have been eagerly anticipating new music from her, especially after her past hits like “Wildside,” “Motivation,” and collaborations such as “Love Lies” and “Dancing with a Stranger.” The album’s title suggests a potentially edgier and more risqué direction for Normani, which has sparked curiosity and excitement among her fanbase.

Ahead of the album announcement, Normani cleared her Instagram page, a common tactic used by artists to generate buzz and anticipation for their new projects. Interestingly, a fan account called “Normani Nation” claimed to have insider access to Normani’s Instagram account, leading to speculation about Normani and her team’s involvement in running the fan page. While some may find it unusual for a celebrity to manage their own fan account, it’s not uncommon in the entertainment industry for artists to have dedicated social media teams or managers to handle their online presence and engage with fans.

Kelly Rowland says she 'tortured' herself being in Beyoncé's shadow

Switching gears, the discussion also touches upon Kelly Rowland’s recent interviews and public appearances, where she has been repeatedly questioned about her former Destiny’s Child groupmate, Beyoncé. Despite Kelly’s successful solo career and endeavors in acting, interviewers often bring the focus back to Beyoncé, which Kelly finds frustrating. This constant comparison and overshadowing by Beyoncé’s immense fame have led to Kelly feeling undervalued and relegated to a secondary position in the public eye.

Kelly’s frustration with being seen as “second best” to Beyoncé is palpable, and she has been vocal about wanting to be recognized for her own accomplishments and talents without constant comparisons. This sentiment was evident in her recent interaction on a radio show, where she emphasized her own achievements and sought to redirect the conversation away from Beyoncé.

Additionally, the video addresses a reported incident where Kelly allegedly walked off the set of “The Today Show” due to dissatisfaction with her dressing room. While some may view her actions as unprofessional, others argue that Kelly’s decision was justified, given the perceived lack of respect and accommodation for her as a guest on the show.

Overall, the video highlights the challenges faced by artists like Normani and Kelly Rowland, who strive to carve out their own identities and success in an industry often dominated by larger-than-life figures like Beyoncé. Despite the hurdles, both artists continue to assert their worth and pursue their passions, inspiring fans along the way.

Kelly Rowland says she ‘tortured’ herself being in Beyoncé’s shadow

Kelly Rowland: I Lived in Beyonce's Shadow for 'a Whole Decade' | Us Weekly

Kelly Rowland “tortured” herself for a decade about being in Beyoncé’s shadow.

The now-host of the Australian version of TV’s “The Voice,” gave advice to a contestant who was insecure about being compared with his brother, a past winner on “Australian Idol” and “The X Factor.”

“I know this feeling,” Rowland told him. “Can you imagine what it’s like being in a group with Beyoncé?”

Rowland — Bey’s bandmate in Destiny’s Child — added, “I would just torture myself in my head … Like, I can’t wear this dress because they’re going to say it’s like [Beyoncé].”