The banter between Sanders’ kid and Papa Sanders is never-ending.

But things get serious in the Sanders’ house when it’s one Sanders kid against the other. The serious-looking brawl between Shilo Sanders and Shedeur Sanders has been rising for the past few months. It’s always Deion Sanders who has to be the mediator, but Prime has his side picked clear as day. So, it’s always one who has to go home disappointed.

Be it about on-gridiron skills or being a ‘better son’, Shilo Sanders had to mostly encounter the tough side of his dad. Something similar happened during the Spring practice session in the Folsom Field. Well, Off Media’s recent videos have been a witness to all the times Deion Sanders has favored Shedeur Sanders over Shilo Sanders when it boiled down to picking one. The recent video testifies to a similar incident where Prime first underestimated Shilo Sanders’ ability when he said of triggering a fast run. “I’m not sure if you’ll do that,” Deion Sanders blatantly said to Shilo Sanders, leaving him dejected.

Prime’s words enraged Shilo further, prompting him to burst out, “How about you tell Shedeur to go throw it deep and stop being scared?” As the saga goes, Prime Time had complete faith in his QB son. Replying to Shilo, Deion Sanders said in a no-nonsense tone, “He will. He got Travis on that side.” Defending Shedeur Sanders is nothing novel for Prime since he has done much of that lately.

Even in his latest power rankings, Deion Sanders ranked Shedeur Sanders over his son Shilo Sanders. Per the latest power rankings revealed by SI, Shedeur Sanders was ranked fourth, a spot ahead of Shilo Sanders, as Shilo got the fifth spot. Deion Sanders, famous for his candid and outspoken personality, openly expressed his favoritism towards Shedeur Sanders over Shilo Sanders.

Shedeur Sanders tagged the ‘more responsible son’

The problem dates back to the time when Deion Sanders took his team to enjoy some days in the snow-clad heights of Boulder as a part of their team bonding activities. It was about his sons’ snow activities preference, to be precise. “Shilo, he snowboards. Shedeur keeps it safe because we don’t want our quarterback doing nothing crazy. He’s on a snowmobile, he’s taking his lineman with him, and he’s having a great time,” Prime said in his interview with Matt McChesney.

Since then, things between Deion Sanders and his son, Shilo Sanders, have been going downhill. Like the time when Deion Sanders left his son, Shilo was dejected when it came to his LeBron James 21 sneakers. Or when he kicked Shilo Sanders out of the practice for being lousy at his drills. Do you think this is Deion’s favoritism getting the best of him, or is it a dad’s and a head coach’s toughness to bring out the best of his son’s potential? Drop your thoughts in the comments.