The cage fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg was all the rage some time ago. Now, an MLB star is challenging an NFL star to a fight.

It all transpired during the latest KC Royals game. They were up against the Braves. First baseman Vinnie Pasquantino was on the sidelines bantering when he threw the challenge.

Patrick Mahomes is coming off his third Super Bowl win. And last we saw him, he was vacationing in Mexico. But now it seems that he might not get to rest a lot. That’s if he chooses to accept Vinnie’s challenge.

Vinnie wants to fight Patrick Mahomes

There’s no doubt that Mahomes is the star of Kansas City. And he is dabbling in everything KC. That includes the KC Royals. “There are two people in Kansas City I don’t think you’re allowed to fight — Patrick Mahomes and Bobby Witt Jr. … But I’ll do it on live TV right now if I have to,” Vinnie said.


This came as a response to the commentator telling him, “You wanted to fight Bobby Witt Jr.” Apparently, Bob keeps throwing stuff at Vinnie. “Bob if you don’t stop throwing stuff at me, we’re going to have fight in the dugout.” But unfortunately, that has extended to Mahomes as well.

However, Mahomes and Witt Jr. are well acquainted as the QB has a minor stake in the Royals. Witt Jr. was in the news for bagging a mammoth deal, and Mahomes didn’t back down from congratulating him.

Mahomes congratulates Bob Witt Jr.

The sports landscape in Western Missouri just got wealthier. Patrick Mahomes is no longer the sole titan of the turf and the owner of a mammoth contract. Bobby Witt Jr. has stepped into the limelight, securing a hefty contract extension. Mahomes had signed a $450 million worth contract in 2020. He had set the record for any Kansas City player across all sports.

Bob Witt Jr. recently signed a $288.7 million contract that will extend to 11 years. Sure, it’s almost half to that of Mahomes, but it’s still a big deal. And the NFL QB wasted no time in congratulating him on X. His contract includes a $7.777 million signing bonus, plus opt-outs after certain annual milestones.

Mahomes currently owns a tiny 1% of the KC Royals. And should the team do well, his investment is bound to go up. With Witt and Mahomes now the beacons of Kansas City’s athletic ambition, they’re definitely going to inspire more players. Now all that’s left for Witt Jr. is to win the World series just like Mahomes won the Lombardi.