Michael Jordan finally made a statement on the ongoing debate on similarities between him and the Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards.

Surprisingly, this time, fans have a different viewpoint. The Chicago Bulls legend has shaken up the world with his rare comment of approval. While the 14x NBA All-Star seemed to agree with the other veterans of the game, he could not convince the fans of the same.

Despite Jordan’s green light, fans refused to acknowledge the resemblance between the playing style of ‘Ant-Man’ and ‘His Airness’.A clip featuring Rachel Nichols discussing Anthony Edwards’ reaction to Jordan’s statement, shared by undisputedfs1, raised a question for fans. The question read, “Is Anthony Edwards a  spitting image of Michael Jordan?” In response, about  54% of fans voted no, expressing their disapproval.

Ever since Edwards’ debut in the game, his skills have been compared to Michael Jordan’s. The conversation was stirred again when Chris Broussard in the latest episode of “First Things First” shared MJ’s thoughts with the fans and listeners.

What does Michael Jordan think about Anthony Edwards’ game?

Surprisingly, it was not Stephen A. Smith but Broussard who was able to share Michael Jordan’s view on the matter. “Well, I reached out to the GOAT today, Michael Jordan. And Jordan said there are similarities in their games; he agreed. So [if] Jordan said that there are similarities, there are similarities,” Broussard said on the show.

Numerous personalities including Kevin Garnett and more have the same opinion as Mike. Garnett was one of the first few to express his viewpoint on it. While in conversation with Nichols, Edwards agreed to have a similar skill set to a rookie Jordan. And truly while the abilities and the intense competitive spirit are taken into consideration, you can’t help but give it a thought.

USA Today via Reuters

With a thunderous dunk on John Collins to playing with a dislocated finger, Edwards has shown why he is on the legends’ radars. What is your take on this? Let us know in the comments section below.