Laying Off Entire Staff Once, $400M Rich Shaquille O’Neal Gives 1 Reason Why He Would Fire Someone

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Basketball icon Shaquille O’Neal means business. One of his initiatives was, which Shaq co-founded in 1999. Although the goal of the website was to serve as a one-stop shop for everything basketball-related, its history is characterised by a sharp downturn that resulted in the firing of every employee.

The event dates back to his dunk-and-dribble days when big Shaq was ruling the roost. But more than one man’s mercurial decision, looks like Shaq’s tech enterprise was devoured by the larger digital deluge of the decade.

In a recent podcast, Shaq clarified that he dismisses applicants who try to impress him only with their academic qualifications. The big man favours personality rather than lengthy academic histories when hiring. But perhaps there’s more to the tale of’s employee layoffs than just personality conflicts.

The dot-com bubble started in the 1990s and then crashed. Financial troubles happened for several internet firms following the bursting of the bubble. This was fuelled by substantial investments and unreasonable expectations. Regretfully, got swept up in this tsunami.

Shaquille O Neal’s Company in DotCom crash

Several issues probably contributed to the layoffs, even if the precise causes haven’t been made public. A significant influence was probably the financial hardship caused by the dot-com bubble crash. Furthermore, there’s a chance that Shaq’s expectations for the business and the state of market conditions did not line up, which could have resulted in internal disputes and the requirement for workforce reconfiguration.

The financial challenges experienced by the organization escalated, leading to confront a bleak reality. A challenging decision was made by the company to terminate the employment of all its personnel. The appointment of a marketing professional was made to revive the company. This action proved unsuccessful. Subsequently, the ownership of the company was assumed by a domain squatter, which serves as a clear explanation for the unfortunate outcome.
For entrepreneurs dealing with an unstable market,’s journey should serve as a lesson for them. Shaq’s experience also emphasises the value of a hiring strategy that strikes a mix of skills and character. He shows the world how not to impress him with their academic qualifications. Success over the long term run requires appropriate skills and a good educational background, even though captivating personality traits can be a great advantage.