Apart from LeBron James, the NBA boasts another prominent and widely acclaimed player, Stephen Curry.

Similarly, the NFL showcases Patrick Mahomes, who enjoys considerable fame and exhibits outstanding gameplay. Hence, their similarities have been a topic of debate recently.

It all started a couple of days ago when LA star LeBron James sat with former NBA sharpshooter JJ Redick in their new podcast “Mind the Game.” James reminisced about the early days of his career, recalling that he didn’t get much playing time during his first two years. But now the times have changed. He mentioned these changes have helped the players to grow and excel in career, especially in case of Curry and Mahomes. Discussing the same, hosts on Speak podcast talked about Mahomes and Curry’s impact in their sports arena.

The changes in rules have helped build their legacy?

Stephen Curry and Patrick Mahomes’ similarity was brought on a recent episode of the “Speak,” where hosts Emmanuel Acho, LeSean McCoy and Joy Taylor, were joined by journalist Ric Bucher. Bringing Cam Newton’s example, Bucher highlighted, “When it comes to the NFL and football, I would make the case that Cam Newton is a closer example of someone who has changed and influenced the game.” He mentioned that Newton was the first quarterback to win the MVP award and reach the Super Bowl as a dual threat, meaning both could pass and run effectively.

Newton showed quarterbacks didn’t have to stay in the pocket to be a threat, and this changed the way the game was played. Bucher also noted that rule changes have benefitted players like the Chiefs’ QB and Warriors’ point guard, allowing them to excel with their unique skills.

He highlighted, “The rules have changed, and this is one of the things that I think has benefited both Patrick and Steph is that the rules have also benefited the way they’re built that they’re able to do what they can do, same with the protection of the quarterback and same with like when I first started covering the league like you couldn’t if you were built like Steph Curry you had to spend a year or two in the weight room to put on 20 25 pounds just to be able to get your shot off that doesn’t happen anymore so that’s that’s allowed guys built like Steph and to have his skill set to come in and make an impact right away.”

Bucher suggested that Newton’s success made it more acceptable for quarterbacks to run the ball, paving the way for players to thrive in the league. Similarly, LeBron James saw the two stars having somewhat similar caliber.

LeBron James thinks some rules have transformed the sports landscape!

In a new podcast, “Mind the Game,” LeBron James and JJ Redick talked about the changes in the NBA. James mentioned, unlike today, if his team has a big lead heading into the fourth quarter, he might get some minutes in garbage time. James and Redick agreed that teams used to bench their starters when they had a double digit lead 15 years ago, but that’s not the case in today’s NBA. The 39-year-old forward explained that this change in strategy was influenced by the arrival of Curry in the league, who changed the perception that no lead was safe.

USA Today via Reuters

LeBron likened Curry’s impact to that of Patrick Mahomes in the NFL, noting Mahomes’ impressive achievements in his relatively short career compared to veterans like Tom Brady. He praised Curry and Mahomes, saying, “I believe in 08/09, whenever that little light-skinned f*cker came in the league. He [Curry] changed that whole narrative. He single-handedly changed the no lead is safe. It’s like Pat Mahomes right now.

All in all, James, Ric Bucher, and others pointed out that players like Curry and Mahomes shattered stereotypes because they were of average human size but possessed extraordinary skills. This makes it easier for kids to relate to them and aspire to be like them.