The NFL fans in the country are reeling from the latest development in the circuit. America’s most decorated gymnast Simone Biles’ husband Jonathan Owens has shared a two-year contract with the Chicago Bears and has sent waves across the nation.

Despite having played for the Green Bay Packers for only one season, Owens has decided to sign for their biggest NFL rivals. And while Biles can’t be happier about now being able to meet up with her beau more easily, a few shots may have been fired in the process.

Only hours ago, Simone Biles took to Instagram to express how proud it made her to see her hubby’s professional growth. And now, as the couple looks forward to spending more time together, the Packers fans had to remind Biles to tone down on the celebrations for a while.

Simone Biles had to get her point across, with grace

In a recent Twitter post, Biles found it difficult to contain her excitement about Ownes’ move to Illinois. Jonathan was previously based in Wisconsin, the home of the Packers, and the lack of direct flight between Wisconsin and Texas (where Biles lives) was a major issue for them to catch up with each other frequently. However, now, things look brighter as catching a flight to the Bears’ camp has become less of an arduous task for the celebrity couple. In her post, Biles wrote, “I’m so excited about not having a connecting flight to go & see my husband hahahahaaha“. And understandably, a few nerves were hit.


The post didn’t sit well with many Packers fans and one fan had to urge Biles to not take such potshots at the NFL heavyweights. “Let’s be respectful now.“, commented one fan under Simone’s post. While the comment wasn’t particularly aggressive, Biles isn’t one to entertain such digs anyhow.

She promptly responded to Chris’ comment explaining that her statement came from a place of time management issue as connecting flights made her training schedule a mess. “It just made it difficult (connecting flights) because I was training haha“, wrote Biles, after mentioning that the Green Bay Packers will always have a special place in her heart. However, her fans couldn’t be happier for the couple now that their long-distance ordeal looks to be a thing of the past.

The distance between them couldn’t hold back Simone

Over the last year, Biles and Ownes rarely got the chance to meet each other to make memories as a family. Their longing for each other grew intense and even the Winter Cup couldn’t hold back Simone from escaping to Hawaii with her husband. And yet, Biles made sure to make the most of every opportunity to stand firm in Owens’ corner when he faced off against heavyweight opponents during his time as a Packer. Despite such fleeting moments of joy, Biles found it difficult to be sad as the football season ended and the couple could finally find the time to spend the days in each other’s embrace.

With Biles being swamped with the construction of her dream home, fans believe the house will soon be filled with joyous laughter as Owens can now take advantage of those crucial frequent-flier points and stand beside Simone as she gears up for the 2024 Paris Olympics.