The Buffs training sessions are often the best grounds for some dig into core philosophy about life. As Deion Sanders’ squad sweat it out, his recruits Cormani McClain and Billy find themselves discussing the essence of success — money.

Being into college football, this discussion is intended for NIL deals, and with this, a clash of perspectives emerges. This philosophy seems to have been passed down from Deion Sanders himself, who never refuses to let go of his philosophy for fortune.

McClain’s bold declaration about money

With spring knocking at the door, the Buffs roster is gearing up to be at their best form, both mentally and physically. As they push themselves through drills and workouts, philosophical and deep conversations act as a recharge. As captured in the video posted by Reach The People Media, McClain emphasized the importance of money. He said, “Life ain’t all about money bro it’s all about respect… I don’t live for money bro, money live for me.”

Hence, McClain is driven by the prospect of financial success, where he offers a different perspective, one rooted in a deeper sense of respect and integrity. For him, the accurate measure of worth lies much beyond material wealth and more in the esteem earned through respect and hard work. Rather than being consumed by the pursuit of wealth, McClain sees himself as the master of his own destiny. Surprisingly, Deion Sanders, too, holds a similar philosophy about life.

Deion Sanders challenges misconceptions surrounding NIL

For Coach Prime, as he successfully attracted players leveraging the transfer portal, he issued a clear message regarding expectations around NIL. He stressed how he looked up to genuine players with their intention of dedicating themselves to the sport instead of financial benefits. Deion Sanders firmly stated, “We’re not an ATM. That’s not going to happen here. If you come to Colorado to play football for me and the Colorado Buffaloes, it’s because you really want to play football and receive a wonderful education, and all the business stuff will be handled on the back end if that’s the case.”

The Buffs head coach also had a message for the aspiring college athletes, who often get allured by the money offered by lucrative NIL deals. Deion Sanders dismisses NIL as the primary avenue for building wealth, as he pointed out that the NFL should be the priority: “Because I believe the NFL is where the bag is. That’s the ultimate goal that’s misconstrued these days but truly is where the bag is and where longevity is and where you can build and understand what generational wealth is.”  

As Deion Sanders’ recruits try to navigate their way in the era of fame and fortune, Cormani McClain is a poignant example that bank accounts do not solely measure success. Within his short time with the Buffaloes, he seems to have imbibed Coach Prime’s philosophy in structuring his vision of life.