Is Russell Wilson copying Dak Prescott? The former Broncos QB finally signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers on paper. He further informed the NFL fans and the opponents that he already is “ready to work.”

Although Wilson is ready to play in the next season, his popular catchphrases aren’t ready yet it seems, at least as per Rich Eisen Show guests. But yes, the latest clip of Wilson, where he informed about his excitement to play for the team, is viral on the internet. And, Kirk Morrison, speculated him of stealing Prescott’s signature phrase.

Did Russell Wilson steal Dak Prescott’s catchphrase?

In the latest episode of The Rich Eisen Show on Friday, Kirk Morrison and the other co-hosts joined the show to talk about Russell Wilson and his new team the Steelers. They also played a recent Wilson’s clip, which was shot on Friday during his signing at the Steelers facility. In the video, Wilson could be heard saying, “What’s up Steeler Nation? Just signed, baby! Fired up to wear the black and gold, here we go!

The hosts discussed how Wilson has always signed off on phrases, like “Go Hawks” with the Seahawks, and “Broncos Country, Let’s Ride!” with Denver. However, now that he is with the Steelers, he hadn’t settled on a new sign-off, until today. Yet, it is popularly known that it is the Cowboys’ QB who uses the phrase “Here we go” for his side. Noting this, Morrison speculated, “Is he stealing from Dak Prescott….I know that is a song but….

Intervening in between, the other hosts joked about whether he’s borrowing from Prescott’s “here we go” for the Cowboys or Dak has been saying the Steelers catchphrase up until now. But they, including Morrison, agreed that “black and Gold, Here We Go” fits well with the Steelers.

They also imagined Wilson practicing his new sign-off on the sidelines and joked about how catchy it is. Overall, the podcast team found it amusing and discussed how it might catch on with Steelers fans. Although it’s unsure whether the Steelers’ new QB is copying Prescott or not, it’s a reality that Prescott often uses the “here we go” phrase in the gridiron.

Why does Dak Prescott say ‘Here we go’?

The NFL hasn’t had a quarterback catchphrase since Peyton Manning’s “Omaha” with the Broncos. But now, Dak Prescott has introduced a new one: “Yeah, here we go!” He started using it in 2023, and it has become a regular part of his pre-snap routine, especially noticeable during games. Prescott had a great season in 2023, leading in various passing stats. Some think his new catchphrase might be linked to his success.

Yeah, here we go” serves as a cue for the upcoming play and helps with the snap count. Sometimes, the Cowboys QB says the full phrase, while other times, it’s shortened to just “Here we go.” What makes it stand out is how he says it, drawing out the “Yeah” and “Go,” making it catchy and memorable.

Now, most probably, Russell Wilson, too, might be seen on the field yelling, “Here we go!” with the Steelers, creating his own style of it.